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    Living in Christ Consciousness

    Every day we have moments when we respond from our best self; or we find compassion for another's fear; or we feel ourselves perfectly centered, like in the eye of a storm. Each of these is a moment of Christ consciousness.

    The Christ Consciousness is allowing the human to give way to the Divine. It is an awareness of living FROM spiritual truth and principle. It is seeing with Spirit's eyes, and speaking with Divine words, and living from Infinite love. Every time we allow the Divine to break into our sense of separation, we are living in Christ Consciousness - living in the awareness of the Presence in us, as us, and as every thing and being around us.

    I think we should all expect to live in Christ Consciousness. After all, each of us is a Divine Incarnation, and the Presence is actually everywhere. That means it's right where we are. We can not get outside of that truth, no matter what we do or what truth we forget.

    Expecting to live from Christ Consciousness invites us to be our very best selves. And it assumes that we can rise to that expectation. I think this is true, we can, and we do. I also know that what we expect is most likely to come about, so why not expect Christ Consciousness, rather than for the other shoe to drop, or some such negative thing.

    Expect to have moments where you are living in Christ Consciousness. Notice it daily. Let me know when you have moments of living like this. What are they like for you?

    Responding to Crisis

    From Living Consciously blog by Dr Carol Carnes

     It is very hard to imagine what people are dealing with in the aftermath of that devastating tsunami.  Entire towns have been wiped off the map and that includes homes and gardens, offices, schools, temples, parks and private businesses. The shock and grief must be overwhelming, especially when coupled with the loss of family members and friends.  It is somewhat gratifying to see the immediate response of so many nations with aid and supplies.  However, over time, there will have to be an acceptance that nothing will be the same.  Nothing, that is, but the inner life of each person.  They will keep their imagination, their capacity for love and joy, their creative mind.
     Those people whose lives are turned upside down right now will find ways to rebuild.  They will make decisions, choose actions, engage in work, make new friends along the way, and perhaps learn some new skills.  No matter how terrible things are, the people involved are greater than the circumstance.  They can think their way into a new life. Of course they will need help, and they will need each other.  If there is one positive out of this kind of disaster, it is how much more connected we are as human beings.  We are more aware of our brothers and sisters around the world and the conditions they endure.
     Information and awareness can lead to compassion and compassion leads to action.  Sympathy merely makes us feel bad but compassion acknowledges the pain while at the same time knows there is an answer and sees through the appearance to the power within. Compassion is there to lift up while everything seems to be falling down.  When we send money or supplies to a blighted area or build a school in a poverty stricken village, it is not because we think all is lost, it is because we know this is a beginning.  At the level of possibility, all is well, all the time.

    Peace is ours now, Dr. Carol Carnes

    Vision for Japan

    Yuka Saionji is a young, darling, conscious and precious woman in Tokyo who is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group. Her family, particularly her grandfather, established the Goi Peace foundation that created the peace poles that so many of our centers/churches have. Dr. Kathy Hearn, Community Spiritual Leader from the Centers for Spiritual Living, just received her message below, with a wonderful vision for Japan that we can join in with her. We know how powerful combined vision and intention are!

    Dearest EL members,

    Thank you all... so much, for the continuous loving support and messages. It means so much to us!!! Everyday when I listen to the news, I couldn't stop crying.. and all I can feel is hurt and not knowing what we can do... its so easy to be trapped and caught in this information/situation. Watching the devastating scene over and over again, creating fear and more threat/negative info towards the future.

    And my parents and I started talking, that we NEED positive information to be put to the people. They are scared, worried and confused about their future. Yes, the whole town vanished. But then, it means we can create a new beautiful town from scratch!! .... right? We need a vision, where people can be excited about, to want to work towards, to see the bright possibility that we can all create. We don't want to re-build the same exact town we had before. We want something better, something more beautiful, sustainable... a model to all the other world !!

    So Goi Peace Foundation decided to create that vision.. that blue print, that future that we can all together create!!! GPF focuses on 4S's- Science, Spirituality, System and Sustainability. We can now from scratch, create a city, a town that represents the new way of living. A town where all 4S collaborate and supply each other..

    And we want to ask all our networks and friends, who would support us together, to create a sustainable loving future of Japan. We will work with architects, designers, professors from different field, artists, scientists, young generations, technicians.... and to combine everyone's wisdom together, for the exciting possibility this tragedy has brought. We hope to work with past Goi Peace awardees, as well as Evolutionary Leaders and many other wonderful people through the networks we were fortunate to have.

    We know there are young people eager to volunteer but asked not to come cause there is nothing they can do now. We know there are amazing minds in many fields that can create a vision of an exciting future. We know that people will stand up and would love to join, once they see the positive future they can create together!!! And all we need is to start make this happen.

    My parents were just talking about it today, so we don't have any concrete plan at this moment, but we are going to work to make this happen. And we want to have as many supporters and collaborators that can give us the wisdom, the support the vision of the future we want to create.

    PS... Wanted to send something positive so I've been translating moving stories happening in Japan

    Integration and the Third Way

    We are off to the United Centers for Spiritual Living and International Centers for Spiritual Living Integration Conference. Two organizations split for 60 years, seeking to come together - an historic and powerful moment. What can we learn from this for our own lives?.

    Think of all the people and places we have split ourselves off from. I can remember not talking to my mother or my father for a number of years in my early 20's, because we were completely unable to see each other's point of view. There have been times when I've removed myself from situations, programs, or events because I felt as though I could not support how things were moving. Somewhere along the way I realized that simply removing myself didn't accomplish anything. I came to understand that engaging in a way that seeks common ground and looks for new ways of understanding, allows both sides to participate in discovering and creating something new. (Of course, we are not talking about abusive or highly toxic situations, or where substance abuse is involved. That's a whole different story)

    I discovered that focusing on how another was wrong and I was right fed my ego, and allowed me to feel my spiritual self-righteousness. It also kept us in an either/or position toward each other. This type of black and white thinking never resolves anything; it just promotes winners and losers. Finally, I have come to realize that the world is much more complex, dynamic and interesting than I had ever imagined. Staying engaged and in relationships with whatever I am feeling separated from invites me to be much more creative and open. I am compelled explore new ways of viewing something, focus on the common ground, and seek to discover/create a third, new way to move forward.

    The third way is not a compromise, where each side gives something up. This would be a lose/lose situation. The third way seeks to understand what motivates each side, what values are important, and what tasks or accomplishments are desired. Then, in collaboration, both sides, or even all sides, offer the best of what they've got toward those ends. When we are all engaged in this way, we're not focused on each other, and each one's rightness or wrongness, we're all looking together at is how can we collective move forward to achieve the commonly sought after end result, without diminishing anyone or leaving anyone behind. A simple thought, but not always so easy to accomplish! The only way I've ever found to do this is to enlist the Creative Power and Wisdom and Intelligence of the Spirit/the Universe, because it usually feels like it'll take a miracle to get through to that other side. Yet with well-meaning, grounded, mature and committed folks, this creative process becomes stimulating, rewarding, and enlivening for everyone involved. And my experience is the end result is better than any one person or side could imagine or achieve alone.

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