For the 10th Anniversary of September 11

    This is the Prayer for Peace I wrote the next day for the vigil we began that evening and kept for 5 days at the Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, TX. It seems just as important today as it did then. Please join me.

    Prayer for Peace

    September 11, 2001

    Let me remember today, that God is the living, breathing, loving essence which flows through all life. Spirit is the Source of the Life which beats at the heart of the Universe.

    Let me remember today, that every person is a spark of the Divine, the Mystery of Life and Love, wanting to be lived as each one of us. We are all united in one common humanity, and one common love.

    Let me remember today, those that have died, suffered and been wounded, for they are children of God. Each is an infinitely, precious child of Life and I know that God is wrapping loving arms, caring hearts and a peaceful presence around each and everyone.

    Let me remember today, those that grieve over the losses they have suffered. I stand in loving, compassionate prayer, that comfort and love may bring forth the Presence of Peace in their lives.

    Let me remember today, that hate and anger only fuel the cycle of fear and violence. Today I turn to the loving, compassionate Presence of God, to pray for the light to come to those who are filled with such fear and anger, that they would be motivated to such an act. They too, are creations of God.

    Let me remember today, to refuse to be a place where fear, or anger, or hate can find a home. Today, I stand in the Truth, that we are one people, one world, one humanity, and that Love truly is the only answer.

    Let me remember today, that the wisdom and divine intelligence of Spirit is present in all our leaders - military, political and others, guiding the hand of justice, that it may be sure and swift. Let me remember today that justice is never motivated by vengeance or fear.

    Let me remember today, those brave souls who have given their lives for others and those who toil so diligently to clear away and rebuild. May the strength and the fortitude of God be their ever present companion.

    Let me remember today, that life is precious, that each moment is an opportunity to Love, and each breath a blessing from Spirit. Let me remember today, that Love is the answer, and Peace is the way. And So It Is! Amen

    Rev. Petra Weldes 9/12/01

    Declaration of Interdependence

    This is the Declaration of Interdependence that we read together on Sunday, July 3rd at the Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas.

    The ability to choose is fundamental to Freedom. Realizing this, we become aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with freedom. We then come to the recognition that our freedoms are inextricably bound to the freedom of others. We live in an inter-connected world, and are part of the Oneness of the Universe. To fully live our freedom we must take responsibility for our choices and the way they impact others. This leads from Freedom and Independence to Freedom and Inter-dependence.

    The "Declaration of Interdependence" By Melanie Bacon

    We hold these truths to be self-evident:

    That all life is interconnected, and endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights and responsibilities,

    That among these are liberty, compassion, justice, and the pursuit of happiness.

    That to secure these rights and responsibilities,

    We open our minds and hearts to the needs of others, and our own true needs,

    We hear the sound of the living universe in our ears, and add our voices to the song,

    We live every moment with awareness of the purity and power of existence.

    And for the support of this Declaration, we pledge to each other our love and our breath,

    For the pain of the one is the pain of the all, and the freedom of the one is the freedom of the all;

    The breath of the one is the breath of the all, and the breath of the all is the breath of God.

    Declare independence from victimhood

    "I am not a victim here" is one of the most powerful affirmations I have ever practiced. Every time we remind ourselves, when something goes wrong, that we are not a victim of the circumstance and that no one is out to get us, we immediately regain control of our choices. This, to me, is the heart of freedom and independence!

    One of the primary feelings of victimization is that we are powerless or helpless. Every time we succumb to these feelings, we are not free to make new choices or change our perspective. We always have the power to see things differently or to set a new cause in motion. This is the freedom inherent in our ability to choose. By choosing something new or different, we discover our independence from our circumstances.

    Independence truly arises when we realize that joy, peace, love and fulfillment are born out the choice we make to live in alignment with the Spirit within. As we live from the Source of our Being outward, we become the causal power in our own lives. We realize that we are free to see and be and do based on our inner guidance and connection, not in reaction to outer circumstances.

    Let's celebrate freedom and independence from being a victim this 4th of July!

    "Biology of Belief"

    I'm Just about finished reading "Biology of Belief" by Dr Lipton and wanted to share some of the amazing information in his book, when I read Dr Larkin's blog. He's captured so much of the heart of the matter, I'm passing it on to you.

    Your Every Cell Is Bathed In Your Every Feeling Dr. William K. Larkin, Director, ANI

    We recently have learned from physiologists that our cells hear at the same audible level as our own hearing. Your cells are listening to the tone of everything you say and feel, and are being bathed in that milieu. Each of your cells is bathed in the atmosphere of what you are feeling and thinking.

    You create the environment of health for your cells, and it is at a cellular level that we thrive (or not) by what we think and what we feel.

    Each cell performs the basic functions of life-- eating, excreting, reproducing and moving. Of all of these, what the cell excretes is most important, given the chemicals that we put into our bodies. Happiness and joy are the best anti-toxins.

    However, this entire process is influenced by the cell wall, which is the brain of the cell, not the nucleus. If the cell does not expel what it needs to rid itself of, it begins to reproduce improperly.

    So if you are existing in negative feelings, engaging in gossip, going to bed with the "CNN loop" of everything that is wrong in the world on your mind, how are you taking care of the environment of your "babies" -your cells?

    Go to bed thinking of everything you are grateful for and feel gratitude as you drift into sleep. You can tell the subjective mind where you want it to go at night. You can also tell your brain what kind of emotional "cell bath" you are going to give your body today.

    Squirrels, survival and altruism...

    thanks to Joyce Miller for passing this on - now I'm passing it on to you -

    The article below in the Huffington Post contains a section about the importance of altruism to survival of the species: Here is the section -- it is about a graduating senior's speech at a commencement. The link is at the bottom of the page. Written by Aryanna Huffington (sp?) who was receiving an honorary doctorate:

    First up was Elyse VyVy Trinh, a child of Vietnamese refugees. Her speech was entitled "An Education in Altruism." She began by describing her early years at Brown, which were steeped in the humanities, in search of answers to timeless questions such as: "How is it that war can turn brothers against each other? How is it that poverty can persist in a land of abundance? How is it that democratic legislation could have ever defended inequality based on skin color?"

    She then switched to biology and had an epiphany of sorts involving squirrels. Yes, squirrels. Her sudden insight didn't come from an actual squirrel, but from a 1977 paper she read by biologist Paul Sherman. He sought to explain why, when faced with a predator in the vicinity, some squirrels would cry out to attract the predator's attention, thus sacrificing themselves so that other squirrels would be spared. This behavior would seem to contradict evolution, because such altruism would not be genetically passed on and would thus be selected out. But, as Trinh explained:

    ' is the gene or the genome that is 'trying' to survive, not the individual, nor the species. Thus if a squirrel perishes but in doing so saves his brothers (those who share much of his genome), his genes still survive and are still the fittest. The study offered to the scientific world the evolutionary basis of altruism.'

    This understanding put Trinh on the path to concluding that "development of conscience is precisely the point of an connect our critical thinking with empathy." She realized that "somewhere along the evolutionary history of humankind, the collection of genes encoding the tendency to love, even at the cost of individual pain, was selected for because loving makes us more fit for our environment than not loving." It also caused her to see science differently. What she saw in her diligent science classmates was that "their main tool was data, but it was narrative and story that inspired them -- whether the story of their own families' struggles or the story of a child they didn't even know going to bed hungry."

    So her study of the humanities and of the sciences all came together. It is "when these seemingly irreconcilable worlds of art and science come together," she said, "that we are able to create the solutions that our world so urgently needs."

    She concluded by saying that "compassion is the enduring and most important connection among of all fields of study," and that "we must listen to our altruistic impulses if we wish to collectively survive and thrive." By that point I was ready to give her my honorary doctorate.

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